2011 m. rugsėjo 11 d., sekmadienis

today i write something in english

My English is not cristal clear but today i write in english language.
My name is Orit, friends call me Ora or Orlin. I have facebook, lookbook.nu and this blogg, where i write my things and someone i can tell you. In this blogg I write in lithuania, because my friends please it. Sometimes in my blogg i write in english, for those who don't understand Lithuanian. ))
So, i don't can say something, because I don't know what you want see or hear. But with time, i think of something, ok?!
So now you've learned that sometimes you can see my entries in English!
Best wishes, Ora. 

2 komentarai:

  1. You're english not so bad !
    I will be glad to read your posts again (in English ;-) !

  2. Okey, i will change in next time. )) And i will write my post in English more.